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Come Support Our Beloved

Train Singer®

A special one-time train where all proceeds go to support our friend The Trainsinger, Greg Schindel, as he works toward defeating cancer. 

Our dear friend Greg Schindel, known to thousands as the beloved Train Singer®, is currently in a battle with cancer – and we're all trying to come together to support him.

Join us for a very special train, where all proceeds will go to benefit Greg and support him and his family during this difficult time.

Greg has been aboard our trains as the Train Singer® since 1988, entertaining generations of travelers on the Redwood Route. In the years before Train Singer®, Greg received his early education at a boarding school in Exeter, New Hampshire. He later earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Sonoma State University. In the 1960’s and 70’s, Schindel worked the music scene in Southern California, where he developed his original style of music, described as “Northern California Transcendental Folk Jazz”. Schindel was the lead singer and songwriter for the musical group, “Kindred Souls”. His songs include thoughtful lyrics about life in the country, love, and experiences along the way. True to his heart, Greg fell in love and started a family, his greatest accomplishment of all. Over the years, the family has grown, and Greg’s musical talent has blossomed into the multi- faceted character he is today.


Adult: $79.95 (Ages 13 and up)
Child: $59.95 (Ages 2-12)
Infant: $10.95 (Under the age of 2)
Dog: $10.95

To support the ongoing preservation and rehabilitation of our railroad, an 8 percent historic preservation fee will be added to each purchase.

Trains and Railbikes run rain or shine. Always dress appropriately.

Guests should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure as the train leaves promptly at the departure time.

Wheelchair accessible. Some cars might require switching from your chair to a coach seat. Please see our FAQs.

Join us for a very special train to celebrate Greg Schindel, the Train Singer®

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