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Thank you for your interest in Skunk Train Generations! For over 138 years, the charming Little Train Called Skunk has been whisking visitors away on captivating journeys deep into the heart of the redwoods. We cherish the countless tales shared by our esteemed older riders, especially those recounting the joy of bringing their children and grandchildren (and sometimes even great-grandchildren!) on the very same enchanting ride they experienced in their youth.

We invite you to share your own Skunk Train narrative and memories— take as many words as you’d like! If you have cherished photos of your childhood or youth aboard the train, we would be delighted if you could upload and share them with us. Your nostalgic snapshots truly brighten our day!

Rise and Shine Railbikes


Select weekends at 8am enjoy a very special 1-hour there-and-back discounted trip, with coffee, juice, and snacks to get your day off on the right foot!