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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

To our Skunk Train family and our guests around the world: 

Over the past few days you have heard from so many, and we want to reiterate that the safety and wellbeing of our employees, guests, and communities remains the single most important priority during this period of uncertainty, just as it is during the best of times.

We are following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and health organizations around the world to ensure we are taking the recommended precautions and doing our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In our 135 years of continuous operations, we’ve had the honor and privilege to serve millions from all over the world. We have seen times of great celebration, worked through economic distress, and have surmounted countless hurdles along the way. We attribute our longevity in part to our founder C.R. Johnson, and in large part to the community that has been built around the Skunk Train brand. Together, we have grown a legacy that surpasses the grandeur of all the Redwood trees along our route, and that legacy has become a part of all of your lives.

We acknowledge that the current situation may impact how you think about your plans and when you might come visit us. With that in mind, know that The Skunk Train is open, and our crews are eager to welcome you. We clean surfaces multiple time per day regardless of what’s going on, and with the onset of COVID-19 our disinfecting of surfaces has increased tremendously. Guests wishing to make changes to their reservation may change to a future date or obtain a gift certificate for the full value of their trip which can be used at a later time.

We will continue to monitor this situation and we are confident that this will be another chapter in the storied history of times we get through together as a community.

Thank you,

Robert Jason Pinoli, “The Chief Skunk”

Stay Informed