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Damage to the Skunk Train's tunnel no. 1 has led to a need to suspend service between Fort Bragg and Northspur until repairs can be completed. For the time being, visitors are encouraged to experience the iconic Redwood Route™ on daily excursions departing from the Skunk Train’s eastern Willits terminal. For help planning your visit aboard the scenic train, please contact the Skunk Train’s offices where a team member will happily assist you.
    All Aboard!
    The Journey of a Lifetime...
  • Noyo River in Mendocino County
    Traveling Along Pristine Rivers,
  • Redwood grove along Skunk Train line
    Through Towering Redwood Groves,
    Along 40 Miles of Historic Track...
    Make New Memories
  • Skunk Steam at Northspur
    Ride the Skunk Train!
the skunk train is a scenic, historic passenger railway
located in Mendocino County's redwood region of northern CaliFornia

Come ride the SKUNK in its natural habitat. Forty miles of railroad run through majestic redwood forests, scenic mountain meadows, and over 30 trestles bridging the pristine mountain waters of Northern California.

Regardless of your departure point, the view from our restored rail cars is pretty much unchanged from the late 1800s. Departing from Fort Bragg, the first few miles are along the Pudding Creek estuary, where common wildlife sightings include blue heron, egrets, osprey, ducks, and the occasional lounging turtle. After passing through Tunnel No. 1, the Skunk Train snakes its way along the Noyo River, zigzagging through the redwood-thick Noyo River Canyon. Departing from Willits and traveling to Northspur, your train will climb the Eastern slope of the Califfornia Coast Range, cutting through it at Tunnel No. 2 (Summit) before descending into the Noyo River Canyon. This is the mountainous part of our railroad line, in which 8.5 miles of track cover a straight-line distance of less than one mile.