Camping on the NoyoCamping on the Noyo

Embark on the Skunk Train and spend the night in the rugged Noyo River Canyon, 17 miles east of Fort Bragg. Originally a logging camp along the famed route of the Skunk Train, Camp Noyo is a remote wilderness area that will be your new favorite campsite—and only accessible via train.

Camp Noyo

Camp Noyo was first developed as a logging camp for the Union Lumber Company in 1907. Originally called “Camp Four,” it was the fourth camp established by the lumber company as they progressed east from Fort Bragg along the current route of the California Western Railroad. In 1933, the Union Lumber Company donated the property to the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts began using the site in the summer 1934 and continue to use the property for several weeks every summer.

In 2012, Allan Hemphill, his son Brian, and a small group of family friends purchased the property from the Boy Scouts. The Hemphill family has been caretaking Camp Noyo for over 60 years.

Now under new ownership, Camp Noyo has been made availble to the general public on a very limited basis. This unique property has eight private campsites, flush toilet, wood-heated showers, and the use of canoes, kayaks, and row boats. The seasonal summer dam creates an estuary that allows boat access to a mile of the river upstream of the camp. The Noyo River is crystal clear and cold and has several very deep pools that are home to rainbow trout, steelhead, salmon, river otters, ducks, salamanders, and frogs. Enjoy a brisk swim or just nap under the afternoon sun and on of the floating dock anchored in the middle of the river.

Interested parties are encouraged to book their reservation early for this truly unique opportunity.

Campsites Rate/Overnight* Weekly*
SUMMIT (6 camper maximum) $125 $450
GLEN BLAIR (4 camper maximum) $100 $375
CLARE MILL (4 camper maximum) $100 $375
BURBECK (4 camper maximum) $100 $375
SHAKE CITY (6 camper maximum) $125 $450
IRMULCO (4 camper maximum) $125 $450
NORTH SPUR (6 camper maximum) $100 $375
ALPINE (4 camper maximum) $100 $375

*Overnight camping requires a two-night minumum. Check-in is on Friday and Saturday only. Pricing for the campsites includes cook kits (pots, pans, two-burner propane camp stove, and propane), and full use of camp canoes, kayaks, and row boats on a first-come, first-served basis. Each campsite will have an adequate supply of firewood. Hot indoor showers are available for those who choose to build a fire in the wood-fired hot water heater.

**Upon arrival you may sign out your cooking kit, canoe paddles, life jackets, and propane. To assure no charges, loaned equipment will need to be returned to the camp ranger undamaged and clean, and a camp check-out must be signed. PETS other than dogs ARE NOT ALLOWED AT CAMP NOYO.

The Skunk Train has no relationship with Camp Noyo and only provides marketing and reservation services.